Fading expression lines

Expression lines are the first signs that the skin is starting to lose its elasticity. They appear in the areas where facial muscles contract most often: on the forehead, between the eyebrows, in the outer corners of the eyes and around the mouth. After the age of 30, expression lines become increasingly visible even when the facial muscles are at rest. Botulinum toxin treatment is designed to correct and prevent expression lines, giving your face a relaxed and radiant look.

It is, in fact, a neurotoxin that inhibits (for a limited time) the transmission of the nerve impulse in the muscle, so the nerve endings can no longer stimulate the contraction of the muscle fibres.

Bo.tox is the generic name given to various neurotoxin treatments produced by the bacterium "Clostridium Botulinum" which have been successfully used in aesthetic medicine since the early 1990s and are now the star of cosmetic treatments, being used in over 75 countries.

Thus, following treatment with Bo.tox, the effect of attenuating or erasing dynamic wrinkles is observed. In addition, it is also used to prevent the appearance of resting wrinkles. Moreover, treatment with botulinum toxin gives a more relaxed and optimistic appearance, an effect achieved by removing unwanted facial expressions (frowning, anger, sadness).