About Dr. Adrian Racu

Dr Adrian Racu, specialist in Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Microsurgery, is one of the best rated plastic surgeons in Romania, having graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" in Bucharest.

Following the national residency exam, Dr. Racu chose to specialize in Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Microsurgery, with the highest score in this specialty.

During his residency program, he trained alongside top professionals in the field at the Emergency Hospital for Plastic, Reconstructive and Burn Surgery in Bucharest - one of the most prestigious specialty clinics in the country, as well as at university centers such as Elias University Emergency Hospital and Floreasca University Emergency Hospital.

In the private field, where he has focused his entire activity, he collaborates with the most reliable clinics in Bucharest. In this regard, Dr. Adrian Racu has perfected his skills with the most famous cosmetic surgeons in Romania and abroad, participating with them in a variety of surgical procedures for facial and body reshaping.

Due to his permanent concern for improvement, Dr. Racu has participated in numerous national and international training courses and congresses, being up to date with all the latest developments in the field, both in aesthetic surgery and non-surgical procedures.

Currently, Dr. Racu has chosen to concentrate his professional activity in private practice, where he performs aesthetic surgery with excellent results. The experience he gained during his training is reflected in the variety of procedures he performs and the techniques he has perfected and uses.

By using only high quality, FDA-approved products, state-of-the-art equipment and modern surgical techniques, Dr. Adrian Racu puts the safety and satisfaction of his patients first, managing to achieve the best results based on their individual desires and needs.



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